I, __________________________________ residing at ________________________________ for

and in consideration of _______________________________________ (“Company”), of which I am
_______________________________ hereby personally guaranty the payment of all obligations of
Company to _____________________________________ and I hereby agree to bind myself to pay on

demand any sum which may become due to __________________________________________, by the Company whenever the Company shall fail to pay the same. This guaranty shall be a continuing and irrevocable guaranty and action may be taken against me for any non-payment without notice thereof.

I hereby consent to any modification or renewal of the credit agreement hereby guaranteed and I will be
responsible for any interest, attorney’s fees or collection costs which Company shall be obligated to pay.

This is a commercial account and goods and services delivered to your business are a commercial
transaction as defined by Connecticut Law. By signing below you agree to be personally liable for all
charges incurred on this account and you further waive your right to and/or your company’s right to notice and hearing in any civil collection action seeking prejudment remedy attachment as outlined in Connecticut General Statutes Sections 52-278a to 52-278f.

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