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Medical Debt Collection

Our firm provides thorough, professional and highly organized medical debt collection and hospital debt services statewide, to a full range of medical providers, from small general practitioners, dental practices, medical specialists and physical therapy centers to many large hospitals throughout Connecticut.

We enjoy a high rate of success in our efforts due to our systematic treatment of each file from beginning to end of the collection cycle and our industry recognized attention to detail. Our staff and attorneys are knowledgeable in the many areas affecting collection of debt owed to medical providers and hospitals including health insurance claim policies and procedures, spousal liability, responsibility for dependents, bankruptcy, probate and estate issues, treatment arising out of personal injury cases and worker’s compensation claims, and mortgage foreclosure impact on judgment liens securing debt owed to medical practices and hospitals. Multiple debts owed to hospitals by the same responsible parties require particular attention.

Our staff employs sensitivity when dealing with parties liable for medical debts and treats all debtors with the dignity and respect they deserve, while exercising a firm but fair handling of all files.

Most importantly, our staff carefully complies with all state and federal fair debt collection rules and regulations and scrupulously follows all requirements of federal HIPAA regulations. ACH and credit card payments are accepted and net recoveries transmitted to clients monthly.